I am an entrepreneur and business consultant. I have been for more than 25 years. I help innovators to start and build new companies. I help established companies to develop successful new digital businesses. I do this in New York which has always been a hub of competitors and now has become a hub of innovation.

I chose to do what I do and I love it. I am the Managing Director of The Calyx Group, LLC, a business consultancy.

My husband writes for a family of business magazines and for a cabaret magazine. We think NYC is the place to live as well as to work because there is so much we do here and we don’t like commuting. The one place we love even more than NYC is a tiny peninsula on the coast of Maine. We have loving friends there, some going back to my childhood, the unending sound of the waves, salt air and natural beauty beyond description. That’s where you’ll find us in August!

I’ve been passionate about music all my life. I listen to the opera on Saturday afternoon and go several times a year. My husband loves it now too! Together we are proud members of New York’s cabaret community and regularly attend jazz and cabaret performances. I also love theatre, art, biking, running and tennis

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